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The finest quality frozen seafood

We specialise in sourcing the best whitefish products worldwide. We provide a friendly, professional and comprehensive service and are dedicated to meeting our customer's precise product specification and marketing needs.

Atlantic Haddock

Atlantic Haddock

  • Melanogrammus Aeglefinus
Our Atlantic Haddock is sourced from Iceland, Norway, Russia and Canada.

Catchment area

Atlantic Haddock - Catchment area

Our Range

Fillets - Frozen at Sea that can be left with the skin-on, or can be provided skinless and/or boneless

Fillets - IQF (individually quick frozen) that can be left with the skin-on, or can be provided skinless and/or boneless

  • Loins
  • Tails
  • Portions
  • Blocks
  • Hand-formed Retail Shapes

Grading Availability


Packaging Availability

Foodservice - 3 x 9kg per carton
Foodservice - 3 x 10kg per carton

Products tailored to meet our customer's requirements are our specialty, we can quote you for products from portions to loins to formed products for the processing industry. We are also able to package to our clients requirements. Please contact Ian Dillerstone our International Sales and Procurement Manager to discuss.

Affiliate Companies of Northcoast Seafoods

Northcoast Seafoods is part of the Kangamiut Group, and has other branches around Europe.

Environmental Policy

Ethical, environmental and sustainability are key issues for us and we understand the need to ensure that both the customer's targets and ours are achieved continously.

Seafood Nutritional Values

Seafood while being delicious, when eaten as part of a healthy diet can be of benefit to our health. We've provided recipes and nutritional values on all of our produce and further information on including seafood in your diet.


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